Teacher notes for ‘The Middle Ages’

Below are teacher notes to go with each booklet (the rest coming soon). They contain some suggested sentences for the sentence completion exercises, as well as various other bits and pieces. I suggest though that teachers attempt to complete the because, but and so stem sentences themselves first, before looking at these notes. It can be a bit challenging to come up with all three sentences (usually the because sentence is obvious, the but one less so), so I think it’s useful for teachers to put themselves in their students’ shoes and try completing the sentences themselves, and then comparing with the sentences I came up with in the teacher notes.

Please click on a link below to download the file as a Word document.

Teacher notes for Booklet 1 (Introduction to the Middle Ages)

Teacher notes for Booklet 2 (The Making of England)

Teacher notes for Booklet 3 (1066: three kings in one year)

Teacher notes for Booklet 5 (Norman England)