Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egypt booklet is designed for Lower Key Stage 2 pupils, but is also suitable to teach in Year 2. The 28-page booklet consists of the following sections:

  • Where and what is Egypt?
    Geographical information about Egypt, its climate and the importance of the river Nile.
  • Who were the Ancient Egyptians?
    Timeline of Ancient Egypt and explanation of how nomadic people settled in Nile valley and formed one of the earliest civilisations.
  • What were the religious beliefs of the Ancient Egyptians?
    Ancient Egyptian beliefs about the afterlife and mummification, and a description of the most important gods.
  • How was Ancient Egypt ruled?
    The role of the pharaoh and why pyramids were built.
  • How do we know so much about the Ancient Egyptians?
    The hieroglyphics code and how the discovery of the Rosetta Stone unlocked that code.

The booklet includes comprehension questions and activities for each lesson sequence with follow up retrieval practice activities . Also included are a knowledge organiser, glossary and an end-of-topic quiz.

Your download bundle will include an A3 PDF file of the booklet for double-sided A3 printing and an A4 PDF file for printing and for the teacher to use on an interactive whiteboard.