Great Fire of London Booklet

The Great Fire of London booklet is designed for Key Stage 1 pupils. The 30-page booklet consists of three sections, each with an enquiry question as follows:

  • What were the living conditions for people in London in 1666?
  • Why did the Great Fire of London cause so much destruction?
  • How did London change as a result of the Great Fire of 1666?

Each section comprises a knowledge organiser and glossary. There are written activities at the end of each lesson sequence and retrieval practice activities at the beginning of lessons. There is also an end-of-topic multiple choice quiz.

Your download bundle will include an A3 PDF file of the booklet for double-sided A3 printing, an A4 PDF file for the teacher to use on an interactive whiteboard and a Powerpoint file with teacher notes and editable versions of the knowledge organisers.