The Shang Dynasty

The Shang Dynasty booklet is designed for Upper Key Stage 2 pupils. It is a depth study of an ancient civilisation, as specified in the National Curriculum. The 32-page booklet focuses on the disciplinary concept of significance and comprises the following sections:

  • How did the Shang dynasty begin?
  • Was the Shang dynasty China’s first civilisation?
  • What made the Shang dynasty significant?
    – The invention of writing
    – Development of bronze technology
    – Religious beliefs
    – Social structure

The booklet includes comprehension questions and activities for each lesson sequence with follow up retrieval practice activities . Also included are a knowledge organiser and an end-of-topic quiz assessment.

Your download bundle will include an A3 PDF file of the booklet for double-sided A3 printing and an A4 PDF file, ideally for the teacher to use on an interactive whiteboard.